Now you know the secret… get started!

Now you know the secret it’s time to get into gear and get started! This is the perfect finish to your morning routine. After your chosen oil treatment, the best way to wash away the oils and nasties is with a gentle exfoliant! Introducing the Trilogy Gentle Facial Exfoliant (75ml), infused with a nutrient-rich base of sweet almond, evening primrose and certified organic rosehip oil to gently polish the skin. It also includes honey enzymes and camellia oil to lift dead skin cells.

Trilogy is making a stand against ‘Microbeads’ in skin care products and we think that’s pretty amazing! What’s better than helping the environment and making your skin look as flawless as ever? Nothing.

“Trilogy’s entire range of natural skincare products has always been and will continue to be free of plastic microbeads. There are effective natural and biodegradable alternatives available, which are so much kinder to our skin and our world”. – Lisa Wilson, Trilogy International Communications Manager