Oaks Group’s Travel Tips And Early Bird Offers

Oaks Hotels, Resorts and Suites, operator of over 55 properties across Australia and New Zealand, has shared tips to get the most out of money spent.

Research and planning are essential to save money through early bird deals, locking in airfares in advance, and taking advantage of offers on accommodation.

Various websites can also be compared regarding pricing, availability and other deals for airfares and car hire, taking leave mid-week instead of on weekends, booking non-refundable accommodation options and flying at less popular times, like the break of dawn.

To break the perception that a larger property is usually more expensive, Oaks properties offer a range of studios, suites and villas with options including two, three and even four bedrooms, which deliver fantastic value for money.

Avoiding the peak season whenever possible is pocket-friendly, and Oaks offer discounts all year round. Those registered with the brand’s loyalty programme can access deals during school holidays.

A short mid-week break also helps escape the tourist crowd typically there on weekends.

Australia and New Zealand, nature-based holiday destinations have plenty of free and low-cost activities for travellers, from beach days on the Sunshine Coast and rainforest hikes in Far North Queensland to sunsets in Broome, whale watching from the beach in Kingscliff or sand-dune sliding and fishing in Port Stephens. The Oaks Hotels have a lot of affordable properties in these regions.

Another tip to save money on food is having groceries delivered and dining in instead of going out. Easy dinners cooked in the in-room kitchen is a tried and tested method popular with Oaks guests who pack lunch or eat lunch out and dinner to avoid the expensive evening pricing.

Living like a local has become a popular concept in recent years. This helps avoid touristy spots and discover hidden gems like local produce markets, value offers and the best free activities nearby.

Signing up for hotel and airline loyalty programmes also provides access to member discounts, free upgrades, and seasonal offers. The Oaks Discovery loyalty club members enjoy ten percent off all bookings and earn Discovery dollars for every stay and exclusive member benefits.

Checked baggage comes with added fees, and family travel generally adds up. Packing light saves money, and Oaks’ laundry facilities make re-wearing outfits possible.

Good things happen to those who get in early, so book ahead and save, as the early bird catches everything. Oaks offers a 15 percent discount for stays booked at least 14 days in advance. Oaks Discovery members will also get an additional ten percent off.