Japan’s hot springs have been treasured for thousands of years. As a country blessed with natural geothermal energy, no trip to Japan is complete without an authentic onsen (hot spring) experience. In Onsen of Japan, Steve Wilde and Michelle Mackintosh look at 140 of the very best places for tourists to visit and take a warm dip.

Featuring listings for more 2500 onsens across the country, authors Steve Wide and Michelle Mackintosh provide us with very best places to enjoy this quintessential Japanese experience. The introduction offers a guide to etiquette, onsen rules, customs, and quirks, as well as information on each baths different water type and its healing benefits. From large bathhouses to traditional 7th-century baths and open-air mountain springs, the pair has meticulously crafted a list displayed alongside images of the must-visit hot springs in Japan.

This is the perfect guide to all the unmissable spots and all the dos and don’ts of Japanese hot springs to help you appreciate the country’s unique healing waters.