‘Goodie Goodie Gum Drops’ was never an ice cream flavour that screamed ‘organic,’ but one company has managed to do just that. Oobie Joobie Ice Cream is OOB Organic’s take on the Kiwi summer stalwart and is 100% organic, from the bubblegum flavour to the colourful jubes.

“We know how much Kiwis love classic ice creams from their childhood, so we wanted to create a premium organic version for all to enjoy,” said OOB co-founder Shannon Auton.

As uncommon as they may seem, in the end, OOB didn’t have to look too far to find the right organic jube.

“We conducted a global search for organic jubes, but in the end it was a local manufacturer that delivered the real thing,” says Auton.

Oobie Joobie Ice Cream is available in selected supermarkets nationwide in 120ml, 470ml and 850ml sizes.