Phaidon’s Signature Cocktails by Amanda Schuster

Phaidon is all set to release Signature Cocktails, a landmark volume that showcases 200 iconic drinks from around the globe, each of which has changed the culture of the cocktail. 

Signature Cocktails spans over 500 years, uniting everything from the classic Mimosa to the Brittany Spears-inspired Hit Me Baby One Mai Tai to create surprising juxtapositions and a fresh overview of the subject.

Curated by New York-based cocktail connoisseur Amanda Schuster, each entry is accompanied by the creator’s name, place and date of invention, and spirit type, alongside the original recipe, providing valuable context and revealing the history and personalities behind each creation.

The volume is organised chronologically, starting with Atholl Brose of 1475, created for a Scottish Earl with oats, honey, and whiskey. The book then journeys to the 18th and 19th centuries, concluding with the Phaidon 100, a signature cocktail designed by bartender Agostino Perrone from London’s award-winning Connaught Bar to celebrate Phaidon’s 100th anniversary.

Signature Cocktails exemplifies the diverse appeal of cocktails such as the Bellini and Adonis while also discovering humorous drinks like The Heisenberg, a blue concoction devised in Goa, India and inspired by the Breaking Bad character Walter White, and the Bird of Paradise Fizz, a gin cocktail hailing from Panama.

The book also features legendary bartenders such as Harry MacElhone, Jerry Thomas, Dick Bradsell, creator of the Espresso Martini, and currently trending names like Natasha David and Aki Eguchi. 

Signature Cocktails comes out on the 26th of September, 2023, and is the perfect gift for cocktail lovers, mixologists, bartenders, industry professionals and even mainstream audiences interested in hospitality, history, entertainment, and culture.