Podcasts to Celebrate International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day is a time to celebrate female empowerment celebrated globally on the 8th of March every year. To commemorate the occasion, Spotify has compiled a list of its favourite local and international female podcasts with the ability to recognise issues in today’s society and make you feel inspired and stimulated. 

Spotify is also marking the second anniversary of its EQUAL Hub, an initiative created to elevate the outstanding work of women in music and podcasting and to outreach their craft around the world. 

Here are the top podcasts to listen to and celebrate International Womens Day this year.


The saying says it all, ‘mindset hacks for a badass life’. Hosted by neuroscientist and trainer Alexis Fernandez, this podcast will be sure to leave you feeling refreshed and empowered.

Call Her Daddy

Starting as a podcast, which soon evolved into a global movement, Call Her Daddy is produced by the genius mind of Alex Cooper. Using comedy to talk about serious issues, this podcast features such topics as misogyny, sexual relationships, and the culture of New York City, as well as putting a modern twist on the face of feminism.

Blak Joy

Blak Joy is a celebration of the many ways that Blak Joy rebels against life in the colony. Jane Tettica hosts this inclusive space to share a variety of individual and collective experiences of Black Joy.

Anything Goes with Emma Chamberlain


Sharing her thoughts with a microphone rather than taking them out on a human being, Emma Chamberlain explores the universe inside her mind, quite often from the comfort of her bed or fun and different places.

The Psychology of Your 20’s

With the aim to capture how everything is indeed psychology, the various subjects discussed weekly on this podcast can differ from healing your inner child, to why we outgrow friendships as we enter our 20s. 

Two Broke Chicks

Journalists and twin flames Sal and Al share their life lessons to survive your twenties, and how to make them as less chaotic as possible. Subjects such as how to land a full-time gig, getting dumped, and everything in between can be expected.

Basically Besties

Real mum and daughter duo Kat and Latisha guide you on a journey of an unconventional mother/daughter relationship. The podcast is based on the premise of sharing everything, especially when it comes to day-to-day life, careers, and relationships.

Bridey & Jiny

Living proof that opposites can attract, Bridey and Jiny’s differences make them the perfect pair. This podcast looks at the topics of school, cultural differences, relationships, and food among plenty more.


Fill My Cup

Dedicated to helping you deal with feeling overwhelmed and hosted by a self-descrived witch, Allira Potter. This podcast will provide you with guided meditations that don’t make you giggle, and pep talks for those tricky moments when you need a confidence boost. 

Mel & Sam

Comedy duo and best friends Mel and Sam entertain you weekly with their conversations about ‘would you rather’s,’ as well as having the habit of breaking into impromptu musical theatre numbers.

Private Affairs

This award-winning romantic comedy is about Veronica, who finds herself swooned by a charming Australian doctor, and quickly learns how to navigate her interracial and intercultural relationship. 

Culture Club

This weekly podcast is brought to you by Jasmine Wallis and Maggie Zhou, who chat about pop culture, the internet, and current events. The two 20-something hosts provide a relaxing take on society.