Psst… Father’s Day is Just Around the Corner

Level 4 lockdown seems to be the perfect time to do some online retail therapy. If something is deemed essential, surely it means it would make a really good practical gift right? We always prefer practical gifts over those that aren’t and, for once, with the help of lockdown, we know what’s a practical gift, and what’s not.

So, with Father’s Day just around the corner (September 5th, to be exact), what better time to start looking for gifts for the father figure’s in your life than… right now?

Here’s Fennec’s ultimate Father’s Day Gift Guide (lockdown edition), all items listed can be contactlessly delivered to your, or your father’s door, at Alert Level 4. You’re welcome!

Plant Projects Coffee

Plant Projects Coffee

Many coffee drinkers find themselves in an uncomfortable situation of being… just a bit sensitive to dairy. So for those plant-based milk coffee addicts, Plant Projects is perfect! Coffee made to be used with plant-based milks – how good?

Cocktail Kits

Blood Orange and Chocolate Negroni

Premium cocktail delivery service, Black Pineapple Co, has made it even easier to say “cheers!” to the Dads in your life, whether they’re in your bubble or not. The cocktail legends have specially created two Dad-worthy cocktail kits: Blood Orange and Cacao Negroni kit and the Pear and Walnut Old Fashioned kit.

Nationwide delivery is available, simply place your order by midnight on Monday 30th for delivery in time for Father’s Day. For Auckland, order by midnight on Wednesday 1st.

Family Roast Combo

Silver Fern Farms Roast Combo

There is nothing better than the delicious quality of Silver Fern Farms grass-fed beef, lamb and venison. This combo brings together the best of their range for an easy spin on a traditional roast. The best bit, none take more than 30 minutes to cook – so whether your Dad’s an enthusiastic cook, or he’s just there for the eating part of the Sunday roast, this combo will do wonders!

Lodge Cast Iron Grill

Continuing with the cooking theme, how about a cast iron grill?

With a design inspired by chefs, this grill has new lifted handles for an ergonomic grip and better control, no matter which side you’re using. Each side also includes a drip tray to catch any grease, keeping your food lean and delicious. The large cooking surface is great for pancakes and eggs, grilled chicken, and steak. Seasoned to bring out rich flavors, this reversible grill is bound to become a favourite for years to come.

MEO Face Mask

Meo Resuable Face Mask

Now with mask-wearing mandatory in more public spaces, getting a fashionable yet effective mask is vital. Maybe the father-figure in your life just can’t find one that fits his bright and colourful personality? The MEO Lite Re-usable Face Masks come in a variety of colours and patterns, you’ll easily find one that suits your dad perfectly.

Ergonomic Wireless Mouse

Logitech MX Vertical Ergonomic Wireless Mouse

If they haven’t completed nailed down their WFH set up just yet, how about the Logitech MX Vertical Ergonomic Wireless Mouse? Engineered for masters of their craft who want to get more done, more efficiently.

Logitech Flow allows you to seamlessly control multiple computers – and you can customise buttons, set application-specific functions, and adjust cursor speed via Logitech Options software.

Headphone Stand

headphone stand

The Playmax Wooden Headset Stand in a Natural finish, is perfectly shaped to hold and protect your headset or headphones in the most stylish way.

Instead of placing them on the ground or in a drawer, you can now display them proudly at home or in the office for quick and easy access!

Hydrating Water Gel Masks

Maybe it’s time for a pamper – even for your dad! Get this 10-pack of 1025 Dokdo Hydrating Water Gel Mask from Hikoco and his skin will be feeling totally refreshed in no time.