Research Shows Kiwis Would Reduce Pay to Bring Dog to Work

A survey of nearly 800 Kiwis by NZ pet insurance provider highlights the benefits for both employees and businesses of dogs being permitted in the workplace.

89 percent of respondents considered being able to bring a dog to work as an employment perk. Survey respondents believed having dogs in the workplace lifts team morale, makes the day more entertaining, calms the workplace vibe, and helps with team bonding.

Almost all the respondents whose workplace allows dogs enjoy having them there.

Three-quarters of dog owners who enjoy a BYO pooch to work do bring their dog, whilst 83 percent of dog owners whose workplace has a no-dogs policy would prefer to do so.

81 percent also believed employers should offer “pet parental leave such as bereavement and ‘pet-ernity’ leave”.

Employers of the 51 percent of respondents who aren’t allowed to bring their dog to work may be surprised to learn over three-quarters would be more loyal if they could bring their dog.

In fact, almost one third would be prepared to take a pay cut if it changed their employer’s mind.

Happy bring-your-dog-to-work day!