New Alcohol-Free Drinks from Ecology & Co.

Inviting everyone to join them for a drink, Ecology & Co have come out with a new range of exquisite, distilled alcohol-free prepared drinks, available in packs of four cans.

There are two prepared drinks to choose from; there’s the truly refined London Dry and Tonic with the familiar juniper and botanical notes complemented by bitter orange and cinchona bark, or the utterly divine Asian Spice with Citrus Soda with its spicy, earthy notes deliciously combining with blood orange, lemon and lime.

Head Distiller Will, and co-founder Diana Miller, had never been content with the taste and quality of the ready-to-drink beverages available on the market. So, they decided to create their own range of prepared drinks that pair Ecology & Co alcohol-free distilled spirits with new bespoke mixers. They employed the same care and attention to detail in the processes, and in the sourcing of their high-quality ingredients as they always do. Utilising their skills and palates in the mixology, the finished products have truly delightful flavour profiles that could only come from a craft distiller such as theirs.

Miller commented, “It’s so exciting to unveil our latest innovation after months of development and hard work.  The range had to live up to our customers already high expectations of the Ecology & Co brand, which we think we’ve met in these delicious prepared drinks.  We believe we’ve not only raised the bar in terms of taste with our perfectly matched bespoke mixers to complement our distilled spirits, but consumers will love the fact they tick so many of the important requirements they have today.”

Both lines being vegan, gluten-free, artificial colour, artificial flavour and artificial sweetener-free, low sugar (<2.4/100g) and glycerine free.

As always with Ecology & Co, these new prepared drinks are completely alcohol-free and distilled and mixed for you here in Aotearoa New Zealand.

“For too long people who choose not to drink or pause are left with few choices when they go out, besides the usual sugar-laden juice or typical soft drinks.  There are a million reasons someone might not be drinking yet they would still love a sophisticated drink or something that replaces the complexity they love in their favourite G&T, so with this range, they get that experience and in a convenient way, so that at any get-together they’re not missing out or left feeling uncatered for,” added Miller. 

Perfect to take with you to your next barbeque or to complete your offering as the perfect host for your guests wanting something delicious, truly refined and yet alcohol free at your next gathering. Pick some up from your local stockist or from the Ecology & Co online store.