REVIEW | Cyrano

Peter Dinklage delivers a persuasive and punchy performance as Cyrano, a romantic poet and solider. Restricted only by his height, it makes him insecure enough to be his own worst enemy. In previous versions and adaptations of Cyrano, he is known for his very large nose. In this case, they went with height and thankfully left the nose out of it.

The story is set in 17th century Paris and we learn of Cyrano’s love for Roxanne. However, Roxanne quickly falls for his fellow soldier Christian. Christian is not the brightest and is hopelessly tongue-tied. Cyrano to the rescue… but at what cost?

The film is slow paced, the songs are great, but you will be kicking Cyrano as you painfully watch him make mistake after mistake. Peter Dinklage carries the entire film by himself and his natural charisma. It is not enough by the end to convince me to watch the film again. It is physically hurt to watch the characters trip over themselves so many times. Costuming is the best part of this film. Especially the nuns. Not the kind of escapism I am looking for in a pandemic, thank you very much.