REVIEW | Does Outerbanks Live Up to the Hype?

As with many of these new Netflix Originals series, they are an easy 10 episode long package that could be either worth your time, or if it isn’t you’ve only really lost 10 hours of your life. And, in the grand scheme of things… you’ll be alright.

The Outerbanks trailer autoplays as I log in to my Netflix account, however, I brush it off because I’m sceptical. It’s just another teen movie with drop-dead gorgeous actors who don’t really know how to act… right?

After being ambushed by the same trailer every time I logged in (thank you, Netflix algorithms), one lazy Sunday afternoon I decided it upon myself to start the series – I mean, it’s only 10 episodes long so I don’t have that much to lose if it’s horrible.

And with that, I was away, one episode in and I knew I was in trouble.

Outerbanks has quite the character ensemble – all with complex backstories and upbringings which I’m a big fan of.  We follow John B. and his group of friends called the “pogues” – people in the working class who work two jobs (essentially) to get by. On the other hand, we have the “kooks” who are filthy rich and don’t need two jobs, but have two houses – you get the idea.

John B. and the pogues are determined to find out what happened to his missing father after finding the boat his father left (and never came back) in. John B’s father was on a 20 year hunt for the Royal Merchant which had rumoured to house $40 million in gold.

With any treasure hunt journey, I suppose, it’s never easy. We see this series explore themes such as drugs, love, friendships and the power and danger of being wealthy.

I found myself gripping at my chair and being so incredibly tense throughout every episiode. Outerbanks has truly outdone itself with great actors, purposeful use of shaky hand-held cameras and jaw-dropping cinematography.

To put it simply, Outerbanks was about a treasure hunt, minus the pirates, but instead, we had 16 year-olds that look 25. It’s a BIG yes from me.