Dream Job Telling Stories in the Maldives

woman reading book on a pristine white beach

A luxury eco-resort in the Maldives is looking for someone to read books. Book shop owner Philip Blackwell is trying to stock the libraries of hotels around the world, and Sonvea Fushi in the Maldives needs someone to share his love of literature.

The applicant should have, obviously, a passion for books – but also the ability to engage guests of all ages. You’ll be expected to host creative writing sessions and story-telling events, as well as write a regular blog about life as a desert-island bookseller.

“We want someone on the ground who is creative and inspiring and can maybe get more people to share the pleasure of reading, which is what people enjoy doing on holiday,” Blackwell said.

Blackwell hinted that A-list celebrities and their friends could pop up throughout the job.

“The pay is derisory but the fringe benefits unparalleled,” Blackwell told The Guardian. “The role will evolve and it is in part up to you to make the most of this unique opportunity. It’s a dream job for many people. If I was 25 again I would do it.”

Your residence will be the luxury resort itself, in a private villa worth at least $2000 per night. You’ll have your own swimming pool, spa, sauna and steam room – everything you need to de-stress from a busy day rummaging through the remote bookshop!

Blackwell gave up running his eponymous bookshop chain in 2006 after the family sold the business. The resort shop is part of his Ultimate Library business, which he set almost by accident. Finding it tricky to source suitable reading material while travelling, he came up with the idea of creating library collections for resort hotels. He now has more than 250 projects around the world, including 30 luxury hotels and resorts as well as a cruise ship, a Kenyan game reserve, and a London private members’ club.

The exclusive resort lies amongst dense foliage in the Baa Atoll biosphere reserve. The beaches are pure, the trees are green, and some of the villas cost up to $26,000. It’s very much a niche in a niche, selling quality books to the super-rich,” commented BookBrunch editor Neill Denny. “They are starting to appreciate the discreet charm of a good book. And they have the money to pursue it, building entire libraries from scratch. This is a trend luxury cruise ships and high-end hotels are starting to tap into. Anyone can read anything on a Kindle but only a discerning few can afford a wall full of first editions.”

Anyone wanting to touch these first editions for themselves can send an email applying for the role to pb@ultimatelibrary.co.uk.

Check out Soneva Fushi here.