Welcome to Beervana, Ohio

the dog house exterior - two women sipping beers in the sun

Scottish company Brew Dog has opened the world’s first craft beer hotel. The state-of-the-art eco-brewery and hotel in Columbus, Ohio, is designed so customers are never more than an arm’s reach from a beer – there’s even a fridge in the shower! Each room has multiple fridges stocked with Brew Dog’s latest, and the staff will hook up a tap to your room, too – just let them know what your favourite draft is.

The rooms are a beer-lover’s heaven, but there’s more to do than just drink. There’s complimentary WiFi, in-room coffee, luxury linens, rainfall showers, and 42” flatscreen smart TVs.

The hotel is the biggest project in Brew Dog’s multi-national history, and is on a 42-acre site. It’s the flagship Brew Dog building in America, and the beers really are brewed right there – it’s not just for show or for the guests.

Each of the 32 rooms is unique and themed around Planet BrewDog. The eight speciality suites take guests on a tour of the company’s history and design with custom artwork and gorgeous, beer-based views. Four of the rooms are dog-friendly and adjacent to the hotel’s dog park – man’s best friend can’t miss out on man’s best holiday!

The Dog House (yes, that’s what it’s called) contains a full brewery, a craft beer museum, and dog-friendly rooms – alongside your standard gym, bar, and breakfasts. The hotel is also fully equipped for the best conference of your career with a mezzanine, marketplace, observation deck, sensory room, and lounge – you don’t need to stay overnight to make the most of this beervana.

Want to book in? You can find out more here.