REVIEW | Don’t Worry Darling (No Spoilers)

Considering how much drama is floating around the internet and negative reviews, we were extremely surprised to have throughly enjoyed this film. Is it unique? No. Has it been done before? Yes. Did we still enjoy it? Hell yes.

Don’t Worry Darling is a fantastic film that is cinematic and beautiful. The costuming is spot on and the design of the entire film is just on point. You either love it or you hate it seems. At the very least, go for the Harry Styles spicy scenes. Man oh man, the ending is fantastic and a twist that we didn’t initially guess, because we all took bets on how this would end and we didn’t see this one.

If you love Black Mirror, and you enjoyed The Stepford Wives – then you are going to want to buckle up for this one. Disappointed that it ended in a rush, but lived for the drama and it leaves a lot of food for thought with the viewer at the end. Well worth the ticket price, and I might even go a second time.