REVIEW: I Binge-Watched The Big Flower Fight

I was cooking dinner and needed a little background noise, so I flicked on Netflix and clicked yes to whatever the top suggestion was… Five minutes in and I’m sold – what have I clicked? The Big Flower Fight.

The competition follows a group of amateur florists in teams of two creating beautiful sculptures out of cut flowers, recycled materials, and plants. What is really exciting about this show is that there is no fighting, no cattiness, just a group of people who all love to garden and cherish plants. They are all a pretty wholesome and quirky bunch. The demanding enormous challenges see the teams explore new territory and take big risks to win Best In Bloom – an extremely cute rosette to take home. These giant flower installations are absolutely fantastic, some of which would be a welcome addition to many backyards – perhaps Megan Markle might want one?

As a keen gardener myself, it also made me look at my own backyard, and think how I could jazz it up with some colour. And not just natural tones, but COLOUR dammit!

The Big Flower Fight is anything but a fight, it is an enjoyable show to put on the telly while you eat dinner. The show doesn’t get boring either, Yan and Henck are fascinating to watch and each group brings their own flare to the show. The challenges aren’t very repetitive which is refreshing. While some finished sculptures are completely hideous, there are some real gems in here which clearly put them at the front of the pack.

If you are looking for an occasional laugh, unexpected friendship, and a little bit of dramaless joy – this is the show for you. I absolutely loved it, but would not rewatch it.