REVIEW | The Suicide Squad

Finally! Director James Gunn jumps onboard for DC and boy-oh-boy was I excited. Look I’m going to be honest, it is exactly what you are paying for. Another DC movie. It isn’t amazing, it isn’t groundbreaking, it isn’t great at storytelling. It is a big gun, silly movie with a bunch of laughs. What did you expect? A miracle??

This is surely going to fall into a big rabbit hole of messy films that aren’t quite good, and the linage of titles is going to be horrible to follow. For starters, why did we bother adding in a ‘THE’ for a sequel? This is a terrible way to reboot for a series, what’s going on here? This new film is much like the first in which it has some good scenes but overall I probably forgot the whole damn thing by the time I’m writing this.

With a bunch of not very well known comic characters, much like James Gunn’s Guardians of the Galaxy, I thought Gunn would be able to pull this out of the bag. But unfortunately he didn’t get many home runs with this one.

Without becoming a broken record, overall this film is worth its ticket price plus popcorn. It has a banging sound track, some funny scenes and chaotic celebrity placement. The first 15 minutes is great, then it gets a bit repetitive. You finally wake up again with Harley Quinn’s fight scene just in time for the ending.