REVIEW | We Don’t Get Mad, We Get Even…

This unassuming British teen thriller series, Get Even, is adapted by the book Don’t Get Mad by Gretchen McNeil. It’s set in a typical British high school where an anonymous “revenge” group exposes bullies for their actions in a public manner.

The group, known as DGM (Don’t Get Mad) consists of four girls, high-achieving Kitty Wei, rebellious up-to-no-good Bree Deringer, computer nerd Margot Rivers and popular blonde Olivia Hayes.

None of them associates with each other at school, and no one can ever see them together. This keeps the secret of who DGM is – is it a male, a female, one person, a group? No one knows, but DGM.

It’s all good and well because… exposing bullies – it’s something we all want. No one likes bullies, or overbearing teachers or anything unjust in the realm of high school. But that’s where things get messy – DGM is getting framed for a murder.

We follow the twists and turns of the four girls journey in getting out of this mess, without exposing themselves. They get questioned for their alibis whilst they also try and beat the police to solve the case.

Putting each of their own strengths to use, i.e. Margot’s intelligence, Olivia’s ability to get what she wants, Bree’s rebellious attitude and Kitty’s straight-A reputation, the group finds themselves in situations that only they can get out of.

A teen thriller series with nail-biting scenes and plot twists throughout. It’s a great and easy watch, but my only criticism would be its, at times, overdramatic acting. But, I’m no actor, so who am I to judge?