Say Farewell to Burma and Anjalee

Auckland Zoo has made the heart-breaking decision to move its two female Asian elephants Burma and Anjalee to a new home – to give them both the family herd they need for their long-term wellbeing.

“In 2011, Auckland Zoo, with the support of the Auckland Council, committed to building a sustainable elephant family herd in Auckland. But over the past five years, changing circumstances beyond our control mean that we are no longer in a position to give them the long-term future they need,” said Auckland Zoo director, Kevin Buley.

“We are so proud of our elephant programme and the happy lives that Burma and Anjalee have with us. Our elephant team is truly exceptional in the level of skill, dedication, and care that they provide, which is why this decision has been so much more difficult to take,” added Buley

“Our two elephants are such an important part of our Zoo whānau and we know how much they also mean to the millions of people that have found a connection with them and followed their lives with us over recent years.”

Auckland Zoo, understating how much the community cares about Anjalee and Burma, said that as soon as they are able to confirm which zoo they will be donating the elephants to and the timing of their move, they would share it with everyone.

For now, get to Auckland Zoo and say your goodbyes to these sweet and gentle giants.

You can read the full story of why and how the Auckland Zoo is finding new homes for Anjalee and Burma here.