SHAZAM: An extremely average DC movie

Yup you guessed it, it’s not good. It’s overlong, underwritten and bland. Just plain old BORING. It simply couldn’t decide what it wanted to be and by trying to tick all the boxes – it missed them all. It wasn’t a good slapstick. It wasn’t a good action. It was a mess. A key reason for this was the drawn out scenes that could easily be cut that then resulted in rushing to finish the movie. If I’m thinking about what to eat after, you definitely haven’t got my attention. Poor casting, poor introductions, elongated scenes, poor location scouting (or complete lack of) and bad timing are what resulted in this movie being a complete flop. Strangely I’m the only one who thinks this, because after looking at other critics reviews – obviously you either LOVED this movie or seriously LOTHED it. There is simply no middle.

When rating movies, my biggest critique boils down to: would I watch it again? No, I definitely wouldn’t.