Shop Til You Drop! T Galleria is Coming to Queenstown

Hong Kong luxury travel retailer DFS has just unveiled its latest T Galleria store in central Queenstown’s premium retail and dining complex – O’Connells.

The luxury department store stocks over 120 fashion, beauty, jewellery and beverage brands, ranging from international names like Dior and Ralph Lauren to local brands like Antipodes and Manuka South. Almost 40 brands will be exclusively available at T Galleria Queenstown.

Its Queenstown location marks DFS’ first “Resort Galleria” store, a concept the retailer is currently implementing in its global store portfolio. Resort Gallerias are intended to display a curated assortment of leading international and local brands while also emphasising a sense of place and community.

Occupying two floors of the O’Connells complex, the store features an open design that incorporates natural and sustainable locally-sourced materials. T Galleria’s rugs, made using traditional Māori weaving patterns, and its rustic soul table, made using reclaimed wood from the original O’Connells mall, are odes to its unique location. The store’s lounge was also fitted with a custom-made gas fireplace, which was designed to accommodate Queenstown’s chilly climate and serve as a focal point for its community events.

The renovation of the O’Connells space was facilitated by the owners of Skylines Enterprises. Skyline Enterprises Chief Executive Officer Geoff McDonald stated that the opening of T Galleria fitted perfectly with the company’s vision of O’Connells as a provider of quality shopping with an artisan, locally-focused food and beverage offering.

T Galleria Queenstown is DFS’ third location in New Zealand. Its other stores are located in the Auckland Airport and the Customhouse heritage building in Auckland CBD.