#SUPPORTLOCAL with Lucy Magill

Next up on our #SupportLocal radar, we’ve taken the time to speak with Lucy Magill, the mastermind behind Christchurch Weddings to get her insight as an event specialist on the topic of #supportinglocal.

Lucy has recently welcomed two little girls into this world and conveniently, was also the time Christchurch Weddings went live. Christchurch Weddings began after Lucy planned her own wedding and failed to find anyone or any resources in the Canterbury region that could help.

Now, Lucy boasts almost five thousand active followers over on her Instagram and has you covered with everything you would need for the perfect wedding.

What is your favourite part of what you do?

Oh gosh, there are just so many moving parts to what I do between the website/socials and my wedding planning, but what it all comes down to is simply being able to help people.

Helping couples plan their wedding or special occasion is so huge to me and that can be in any capacity too; whether I’m just able to answer a question or provide reassurance when couples are doubting their decisions, right through to bringing an entire day to life.

Planning can get quite methodical and very much revolve around checking things off a list, so I absolutely fizz over a fun creative project too like being able to put a styling plan together and bring it to life.

On the other side of the spectrum is my dear vendor community. Honestly, I would do anything for these amazing people and it makes me so happy when I’m able to share my experiences working with them, their products and services and celebrate their successes too.

What’s new with Christchurch Weddings? Any exciting projects you are working on? 

My second little girl was due mid-January so I have been using the first half of this year to rebrand and give my website a complete overhaul which is due to be finished May-August. There are a few more things in the pipeline to do with my vow planning journal titled Notes from the Heart and in the events space, but you’ll just have to stay tuned!

Obviously, the COVID-19 lockdown has heavily affected everyone, no matter what industry you are in. How has it affected you personally as well as the way you run your business? 

Right now, I’m going through stages where I could talk all day about this crazy rollercoaster stage of life we’re all in, and others where I just want to sit in silence. My heart absolutely breaks for so many people around me both locally and around the world and I feel such a huge sense of responsibility right now to do the best job I can; showcasing the local wedding and events industry, and showing up for my audience, giving them some consistency and encouragement around how their wedding day 2.0 is the most amazing opportunity to create a beautifully purposeful and intentional day that is them through and through – and of course, supporting local with their vendor choices!

Do you think it is important to #supportlocal at this time?

In the most uncertain of times, supporting local is the one thing I am most certain about. We have to, and why wouldn’t we? If I speak about Canterbury specifically, we have some of the most incredible businesses here and some of the best talents in the entire world. I’d really love to see couples get behind this movement and ditch the ‘cheap’ online purchases in favour of local. A lot of it is simply about education, and putting together a proper plan before moving forward. It can actually save a whole lot of money by taking the time initially to really nail what you want out of your wedding day. Plus, it saves potential disaster from occurring and gives you a ‘face’ and someone you can troubleshoot with.

What is one thing us, as a consumer, could do to help businesses like yourself?

You’ve probably all seen the posts about all of the things you can do for ‘free’ to help out a small business, and seriously these things make all the difference! It’s a bit turbulent on the old emotions running a business that is so incredibly personal in its approach and heavily present online, so your engagement means the absolute world and I love to chat about anything weddings, events and life.

Leaving reviews and sending through testimonials is so helpful too and also helps future couples and vendors see what the experience is like and finally, word of mouth is EVERYTHING. I won’t lie in saying it’s my ultimate goal to become a household name within the wedding industry, so every rave and review means so much in helping me achieve that, not just for my own success but also for every single business I’m able to front through Christchurch Weddings.

Who is someone or a brand you’d love to give a shout out to?

I always shy away from answering these types of questions because I never want anyone to feel left out, so firstly, my entire community of Directory vendors are the true MVPs, and secondly, Britt from Collab Chat has taught me so much in the last six months and been the most incredible sounding board, she is truly one-of-a-kind and is helping so many online business bosses pivot during these tough times!

To find out more information on Lucy’s work and Christchurch Weddings visit www.christchurchweddings.net or follow them on Facebook and Instagram.