They say all good things come in small packages and Ruby’s Jellybean Tomatoes are no exception! The team at Fennec and Friends were very excited when these babies arrived in the office that’s for sure.

These red, snack-sized, heavenly sweet tomatoes can be found in your supermarket’s fresh produce section and are perfect to pop in kids lunchboxes or added to a delicious salad or quick pasta dinner. They are definitely a pop of flavour with a sweet explosion that surprises and delights.

Did you know that tomatoes are best kept out of the fridge? So take out those ruby reds out from the chiller and keep them in your fruit bowl on the bench to ensure they keep their flavour. They need to be in a cool shaded spot but within reach for snacking the next time you’re in the kitchen.

Three ideas for Ruby’s Jellybean Tomatoes:

  1. Pop them in the lunchbox
  2. Put them on a skewer with a little bit of soft Mozzarella cheese and basil leaf or try it with ham and pineapple
  3. Add a pop of colour to any salad

Find Ruby’s Jellybean Tomatoes in the fresh produce section at Countdown supermarkets across NZ.

Priced at $6.99 per punnet.