A new survey run by travel recovery drink company 1Above has found that Kiwis are leading increasingly busy lives, yet are not balancing them out with an equal amount of rest and recovery. It’s no secret that residents of the “adventure capital of the world” lead active and on-the-go lifestyles. However, the survey results found that kiwis, on average, are not getting very much time to rest and recover from their jam-packed daily lives. Stress and exhaustion levels, as well as quality of sleep are increasingly becoming concerns.

The survey quizzed over 350 respondents about their lifestyle habits, asking questions based on hydration, exercise, sleep and activity patterns. Over half of respondents were between 25 and 44-years old, with 19% between 45 and 54-years old and 16% between 18 and 24-years old.

Key points found from the survey include:

  • 93% said they have fairly average active days with the same amount saying their weekends were also spent fairly actively
  • 18.5% of people said they suffer from stress ‘all the time’, with 29% saying they are stressed half of the time
  • 37% of respondents said they are tired half of the time, 18.5% saying they are tired most of the time and one in 10 saying they are tired all of the time
  • 93% of respondents believe themselves to be in fairly good health and 53% aid their lifestyles with various daily supplements
  • Most people consume alcohol with 14% consuming between five to eight drinks per week. More than half of people consume between one and two coffees and nearly 20% of them consume between one and two fizzy drinks per day. 13% of people drink between one and two energy drinks.

1Above hopes to aid Kiwis in their clear need for a way to rejuvenate from their busy days. In addition to hydrating, it’s especially perfect for jet-setters as it aims to fight jet lag and travel fatigue. This is done through their use of Pycnogenol in their products, which is an antioxidant known for its health benefits of which include: recovery, circulatory and heart functions, vision, cognitive function, joint support, and respiratory health.

In response to the results, 1Above Chief Executive Stephen Smith states that “It’s becoming increasingly clear that Kiwis are looking for healthy alternatives to the traditional beverage and snacks that provide short term ‘bad energy’ and come with a crash and burn. We’re seeing no signs of people slowing down, and for us as health and wellness innovators, it’s about finding solutions that give people the option of staying on top, without sacrificing their health.”