We all dream of adventuring off to far and distant lands. But the reality is, getting to those far and distant lands require going through hassle-filled, seemingly endless plane rides before getting to enjoy paradise. So, here are 12 hacks to making it through those long-haul flights and maybe even enjoying it (?), tried and tested by the team at Fennec.

  1. On-board entertainment – the most straightforward thing to do while waiting to land would be to make use of the plane’s entertainment system. Do you feel like you’re the only one who hasn’t seen the new Beauty and the Beast? Now’s your chance to finally catch up!
  2. Pack strategically – When packing your carry-on luggage, remember that you’ll have to carry that thing with you the entire time and chuck it in and out of those overhead cabins, so try and keep it to a minimum. Additionally, make things easier for yourself by carrying a handbag that’s fuss-free and yet roomy. We personally love taking a classic Longchamp Le Pliage along on board.
  3. Be sure to get some sleep – If you’re one of those people who struggle to fall asleep on the plane, try mindfulness apps like Headspace or Digipill to ease your nerves and get some rest before landing.
  4. Two words: Chewing gum – Buy a pack at the airport and pop in a piece of gum during take off and landing periods to prevent that unbearable pressure that makes if feel as if your ears are about to fall off.
  5. Wear comfortable footwear – It makes all the difference! We recommend slip-on sneakers, as they’re especially convenient for getting through airport security quickly.
  6. Wear a chunky scarf – It can get pretty chilly on board; take a big scarf, wrap, or something similar with you that you can wear and also have readily available on you if you need to turn it into an extra blanket or pillow. It’s much less fussy than layering up, and is much more versatile as well.
  7. Charge your devices – No one wants to arrive in a foreign land with a dead phone battery! Remember to charge your devices before you leave for the airport. Additionally, power banks are usually allowed in your carry on baggage but not your check-in, so all the more reason to have one handy with you in your handbag.
  8. Prep your snackage – Buying extra snacks at the gate to take with you onboard will keep you busy munching on your flight. Remember that you’ll only be allowed to take food on the plane that has been purchased at the very last stage before actually boarding (after all the security checks), and not anywhere else in the airport. This is especially useful if you’re picky with airplane meals!
  9. Bottoms up as you go up – Complementary alcohol is usually served on flights, so why not make the most of it! However, beware that flying makes you feel “more drunk” because of the barometric pressure that causes lower oxygen levels, so it’s best to drink less than your usual capacity.
  10. Instagram dat shit – Those airplane-wing-window-view photos never get old, and are a good way to kick off the rest of your travel posts to come.
  11. Get some work done -If you’re just that much of a workaholic, you could also use that focused environment to get productive!
  12. Appreciate the down-time – Contrastingly, reading a book or a magazine for leisure is always a good idea. Or, you could also just sit and think and do absolutely nothing, because who knows when the last time you’ve gotten to do that was?