The Case of the Mysterious Metal Monolith

Alien aficionados, this one’s for you! An unexplained metal monolith has been discovered in a remote desert in the United States. Could it be some sort of space oddity? A beacon from another planet? A fallen piece of UFO debris?!

The Utah Department of Public Safety said a structure was discovered by the DPS’s Aero Bureau and the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources in Red Rock Country while on a mission to conduct a count of big-horn sheep in a portion of southeastern Utah, according to a statement shared on its website.

Photos of the monolith shared by the department show an approximately 10-foot (3m) metal column with four sides. The surface is shiny but doesn’t appear to be reflective.

“While on this mission, they spotted an unusual object and landed nearby to investigate further,” the statement read. “The crew members found a metal monolith installed in the ground in a remote area of red rock.”

The statement added that there was no obvious indication of who installed the monolith but reminded the public that it is illegal to instal structures or art without authorisation on federally managed public lands, ‘no matter what planet you’re from’. The statement concluded that The Bureau of Land Management will determine if further investigation is needed.