The Dark Destroyer tours NZ

The Chase is undeniably the best quiz show to have ever hit television, and the chasers themselves, iconic.

One of The Chase’s best quiz masters, Shaun Wallace, is touring New Zealand for the second time this year and is even hosting the 20th annual New Zealand Pub Quiz Championships. Wallace said he has been visiting cities around the country to thank viewers of the popular show.

“I wanted to thank the people of New Zealand for making The Chase the number one show it is today,” he said.

“The first time I came, I knew it was successful [but] I didn’t know how successful and popular the show is.”

Kiwi fans have explained the love for the show is down to The Chase’s witty host Bradley Walsh, the personalities of the chasers and the variety of questions.

“The type of questions that you’re asked – some are easy, some are very witty, and some are so suggestive, it really makes the viewing audience laugh, I think,” Wallace said.

 He added he would love to bring the show out to New Zealand for a one-off special, however it would depend on scheduling.