Prevent yourself from burning this summer

With the weather constantly changing, yet heating up fast, it is vital to remember to protect your skin.

Even with a sky full of clouds, the sun can still get you.

If you’re planning on just reusing the same sunscreen that you’ve left sitting in your beach bag for the past few years, there’s actually a high chance it could be expired. Expired sunscreen heavily reduces the SPF, meaning you’re probably going to get burnt.

As no one enjoys getting burnt, this summer it could be worth throwing out all of your old sun lotions and purchasing a new one.¬†Known for their extensive range of body care products, Nivea’s sunscreen range will be your loyal best friend. With each product of Nivea’s sun range holding an SPF of 30+ or 50+, if applied properly and repeatedly, you’re guaranteed protection.

Nivea’s range has a variety of products including a sunscreen lotion, spray, aftersun and bb cream.