The Easiest House Plants To Keep Alive

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I got my first house plant in 2007, ever since I have been collecting plants and over 99 percent of the time I have kept them all alive, healthy and thriving. While I am a great plant mother, I understand that a lot of people want the aesthetic without the work. So I have curated a list of my favourite plants that don’t need a whole lot of love.


Mother-in-law’s Tongue/Snake Plant

Plant Difficulty Level: 1/5

This tall beauty can go MONTHS without being watered. If you forget, it will forgive. However, I do not recommend it going months on end without a little love. It will show almost no warning from being happy to death. This would be about a year of no watering from my experience. I water my snake plants a cup or less of water a week in Summer, and a cup or less of water every second week in Winter. They like to be dry, so I put rocks at the bottom of the pots before planting them with regular potting mix. You’ll be fine with this plant baby, I promise. You can see I have a lot of snake plants around my house because they are tall, vibrant and won’t quit on me!

The Fiddle-Leaf Fig

Plant Difficulty Level: 1/5

This tall, large leaf boy is happy with a jug (1 or 2 litres) of water a week, but has been ok when I have left on holiday for months and my partner forgot to water it. So, he is fine if you forget too, but maybe water him at least 2 litres of water a month. Loves sunlight, but can get burned. So indirect is ideal for him. Right now, he has been happy with being by the window facing east, but doesn’t like to be dramatically changed from full sun to indirect. Plants have feelings too.

Rubber Plant Tree

Plant Difficulty Level: 1/5

Nope, it’s definitely not a fake plant. This tree is extremely flexible in its needs. At my old house, it lived in a hallway with no sunlight and survived for two years there. At my new house, it is in non-direct sunlight and has grown exponentially. I water this bad boy half litre every week, but he won’t mind if you miss a week or two. Hardy plant, doesn’t need a lot of love, light or water. Ekk.

Monsteria aka Swiss Cheese

Plant Difficulty Level: 1/5

Every millennial’s dream plant! I recommend buying as a much smaller plant (around $25-60 is a good price). They grow really really fast, so be prepared to stake it with a moss stick (you can buy at Kings Plant Barn) because they are a climbing plant by nature. If you don’t help support it from a young age to go up, it will spread out. I have another giant Monsteria which has grown into a large bush, after a year it is now growing upwards and needs training. So as soon as lock down is over, I will be buying a stake for it. I feed this guy a litre of water every week. He will be fine if you forget once or twice, but they like to be in as much sun as you can give them and absorb a lot of water.

Devil’s Ivy

Plant Difficulty Level: 2/5

The great thing about Devil’s Ivy is that it will tell you when it’s sad – just give it a cup of water when its leaves aren’t as happy. You most definitely can kill this plant, but it would take a lot of neglect to get it there. If the leaves start to go yellow – you are either watering it too much or too little. A healthy diet: It likes one cup of water a week in Summer, and one cup every two weeks in Winter. You can extend this as much as you like depending on when leaves droop. When it droops, give it a cup of water. It is pretty happy most of the year with this diet.