The Walking Dead releases a Alexandria 360 Map + Carol’s Cookies

The AMC hit TV series, The Walking Dead, has released a 360 interactive map of Alexandria and for super-nerds like me…that’s pretty cool.

The new Google Maps styled street view allows fans to get even more indulged in the series and to get to know the area better. Which is always good when you move to a new neighbourhood. For example; showing us that there’s a old chevy looking car beyond the wall – we start to think of all kinds of crazy endings to the huge finale. I hope they use that badass car and get the hell outta there.

Screen-Shot-2015-03-10-at-4.03.15-pmIf you aren’t caught up on the latest few episodes of the Walking Dead then I’ll quickly fill you in.

Beware this content is not so spoiler-free.

After what seems like a life time of wandering with a bit of meandering on the side, the gang feel like they are being watched and take shelter in a barn nearby during a storm. They meet a man who claims to have a better place for everyone, but Rick of course isn’t jumping for joy and packing his bags. They eventually decide to go with him and check out the new place Alexandria but there’s a bit of a hiccup on the way there AKA a giant herd of zombies walkers. Flash forward to Rick settling in the new community and mutters some of the gang that he’s willing to take over the safe zone for himself. DUN DUN DUUUUN. And then Carol makes some cookies and threatens to kill a kid.

SO to experience Alexandria for yourself, click here.

Also you too can have “lots of cookies” with Carol’s killer cookie recipe here!