WATCH: Disney’s trailer for live-action MULAN

Disney has launched the first teaser trailer for its upcoming live-action adaptation of Mulan.

The film is the next in Disney’s on-going series of live-action remakes, which arguably started with 2015’s Cinderella.

Mulan, set to be released next March, tells the story of a Chinese girl, played by Liu Yifei, who goes against her family’s wishes to fight against a great threat. However, fans were recently upset to discover that the new movie will not feature Shan Yu, the antagonist of the original 1998 feature and leader of the invading Hun Army.

Shan Yu will not feature in 2020’s Mulan live-action remake.

Instead, actress Gong Li will play “a powerful witch” as the movie’s villain.

Fans are also concerned that Mushu, Mulan’s lovable miniature dragon companion, does not feature in the trailer.