WATCH: Lorde leaves her lover in flames in new video with Disclosure

Lorde leaves her lover in flames in her new video with UK’s Disclosure. Set somewhere in a luxurious house somewhere in the Hollywood Hills. In an interview with Rolling Stone, Howard and Guy Lawrence (from Disclosure) describe their “instant bond” with Lorde when she joined them in studio.

“She turned up on her own, no management or bodyguard,” Howard said. “That’s the most equal collaboration on the record. You can really hear her sound — she has this sassy yet vulnerable thing.”

The video, the song, the styling, all rad. So good. Hit this on repeat for the rest of your morning.

“There’s not any really club music on this one,” Guy Lawrence said of the differences between the two records. “It’s all very club-influenced, because of the beats, but every song is like ‘Latch’ or ‘White Noise’ — a fully structured pop song.”