Watch Ms Fisher’s Modern Murder Mysteries on AcornTV

A spinoff of the Australian sensation Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries, this swinging 1960s crime series follows the fearless and spirited Peregrine Fisher (Logie Award-nominated Geraldine Hakewill, Wanted), the niece of world-class adventuress and private detective Phryne Fisher, as she inherits a windfall from her famous aunt and sets out to become an exceptional sleuth in her own right.

As murders continue to plague the streets of 1964 Melbourne, daring detective Peregrine Fisher tackles her tricky cases in style, through all the hurdles that come with juggling her career, the busy life of an Adventuress, and her romance with Detective James Steed (Joel Jackson, Peter Allen: Not the Boy Next Door, Deadline Gallipoli).

The fabulous Ms. Fisher returns with the final three episodes of series two premiering this month on AcornTV.