Welcome to Te Papa’s new Nature Zone

Te Papa is preparing for the unveiling of their unique and freshly refurbished Nature Zone. The world-famous Wellington Museum has made their most significant update to their facilities since it’s initial opening and is sure to attract an immense number of visitors from New Zealand and around the world with this new addition.

The new exhibit provides a truly one of a kind journey for visitors as they explore the natural world of New Zealand. The zone has been split into four parts: Te Ika Whenua Unique NZ, Rūaumoko Active Land, Te Kōhanga Nest and Ngā Kaitiaki Guardians. The different zones explore the depths of New Zealand’s natural history, from the most cutting-edge scientific discoveries to mātauranga Māori.

The museum’s expansion features stunning visual displays, such as the 70 square metre woven ‘nest’ which was made from recycled materials. In addition to fun and interactive experiences for the whole family, including the new and improved Earthquake House. It cost a total of $12 million for the exhibit to be bought to life and ensure that there is something for everyone to enjoy, so there is every reason to pay a visit to this beloved New Zealand attraction.

This new section of Te Papa presents big ideas in a fun and interactive way, sparking curiosity and a love of history in all their patrons. The Natural Zone will be unveiled to the public on the 11th of May and will feature permanently as a part of the museum.