Why is this cheese black?

Those with who like everything with a tinge of darkness, but still want to enjoy their dose of cheese are in luck. Many cheesemakers and food outlets have been selling and making charcoal-infused cheese, giving the product a murky black appearance.

In Jakarta, Indonesia, a steakhouse called Willie Brothers has started selling ‘Venom Cheese’, a mozzarella wheel with charcoal mixed in. The result – a hot, sticky, melty blob of black cheese. The Indonesian restaurant serves the ‘venom’ cheese with its beef burgers, steaks, and creamy garlic rice.

In Leasingham, England, the Manor Farm shop makes Char Coal Cheese. The cheese is a blend of mature cheddar and activated charcoal. The charcoal reportedly not only makes the cheese pitch-black right through but also makes the cheddar taste creamier.

The trend of colouring foods black has been particularly big in Japan, with fast food stores like Burger King selling a variety of squid-ink coloured and black-themed burgers, like the Kuro burger which had black buns, black cheese, and black sauce.