Why You Should Consider Jumping on the Skin Minimalism Trend

There’s no arguing that skin minimalism is a huge trend happening in the skincare industry right now. Whether it be skin fasting, skinimalism or skincare micro dosing, stripping things back when it comes to your skincare routine is all the rage. We spoke with Biologi’s Dermal Specialist Lucy Macdougald about why you should consider jumping onto the trend.

Please note: As always, FENNEC highly recommends talking to a dermatologist about your skin prior to changing your skin routine. 


“Put simply, it is stripping back your skincare routine. Gone are the days of 10-step routines and complicated regimes, and placing those trends is a move towards less really is more. Skin Minimalism focusses on using the bare minimum that your skin needs – aka minimal skincare and makeup! Any skincare junkie that is used to a complicated routine might initially shy away from the thought of less products, but Skin Minimalism offers a host of benefits.”


“There are so many benefits to Skin Minimalism but the most obvious one is saving you time and money (and bathroom cabinet space)! Perhaps the most important benefit though is what it can do for you skin. Many people don’t realise that the skin is a powerful organism that can work incredibly on its own – it has the ability to rejuvenate itself (if only we let it). Oftentimes people mess with their skin’s natural processes by applying too many synthetic ingredients. Therefore, the skin is constantly working hard to remove the toxins or can get reliant or even ‘immune’ to synthetic ingredients so they stop working as well. Skin Minimalism allows you to let your skin get back to basics and start working better on its own (with just a little help from a few basic products). The other benefit of Skin Minimalism is that it can minimise some of the risks involved when it comes to things like layering skincare ingredients, over-cleansing etc. Many people will over cleanse or exfoliate their skin with multiple acids which can unfortunately result in redness, irritation and even blemishes. Skin Minimalism reduces the chances of irritation or inflammation which can often happen when the skin barrier is damaged from too many active ingredients or being stripped of its natural oils. Other products that chemically induce cellular turnover can mess with our skin’s natural renewal cycle. By taking away these products, we can allow our skin to neutralise to its natural processes. Another great benefit of Skin Minimalism is helping towards sustainability – less products means less landfill and waste as well as less toxic ingredients going into our waterways.”


“Before you throw out all your products in your bathroom cabinet, approach it in a more strategic way. Firstly, think about your absolute must-haves that you need in your routine. This means those products that you cannot live without (a great example of this is a cleanser or sunscreen). Then, get rid of products that you can live without, perhaps those toners, mists and other ‘nice to have’ products that don’t actually do all that much for your skin. Reduce your routine down to absolute must-haves like a cleanser like Biologi’s Bc Refresh Cleanser, an exfoliant (for once a week usage), a hard working serum like Biologi’s Bf Restore Face and Body Serum and a sunscreen. The skin doesn’t really need much else to thrive! Another great way to approach Skin Minimalism is by having at least one make up free day a week. This can really allow your skin a chance to ‘breathe’ and work towards getting it in its most natural state.”


“Do your research into your products before making the choice around which to keep. Ideally you want to choose products that are natural or at the very least, have minimal synthetic ingredients (which are going to be kinder to your skin). Always remember that skincare and make up brands spend a fortune each year to make you want to buy a product! That doesn’t mean it will always work as well as it should or will be the best option for your skin. When it comes to deciding what skincare to use, don’t believe everything you read (and if it sounds too good to be true, it usually is)! One of the reasons Biologi was created is to take some of the confusion out of buying skincare. We create single plant extract skincare that contains just two ingredients – a plant extract and 0.2% of a preservative (that’s it). Thanks to our revolutionary extraction technology, we’ve been able to mimic the plant’s internal closed process to extract serums that work in the bottle just as they do in the plant.”