Witchery OCRF White Shirt Campaign 2017

Every year, Witchery holds its White Shirt Campaign to help raise money for the fight against ovarian cancer. For some, ‘This White Shirt Can Save Lives’.

Each year 350 women are diagnosed with ovarian cancer in New Zealand. So far, Witchery has raised $9.4 million to help fund vital research in developing an early detection test for ovarian cancer.

This year models and designers have come together to support the White Shirt Campaign. This includes Zoe Morgan, Megan Irwin, Tahness Atkinson and Annabella Barber.

Zoe cross said “I wear a white shirt to help raise awareness for a disease that affects so many. I am fortunate enough to have a platform I can use to share my voice, and I urge everyone to buy a white shirt in support of the OCRF who are working towards the development of an early detection test to save women’s lives.”

Witchery has designed 7 seven different OCRF White Shirts and three pieces of Silver Jewellery which you can purchase to help support vital research to develop and early detection test. Witchery will donate everything(except GST) to Ovarian Cancer Research.

Help the cause and wear a white shirt to create awareness for ovarian cancer.