World Chocolate Day | The One Day For Guilt-free Chocolate Indulgence!

Today is World Chocolate Day, and to celebrate, we’ve handpicked a few irresistible chocolatey goodnesses to accompany you on this special day.

Whether you are a sweet tooth or a bitter lover, there’s a choice for every chocolate connoisseur.

Happy World Chocolate Day!

Guylian not only wants to produce tasty and high-quality products but also raise the bar with regard to responsible craftsmanship. Several years ago, Guylian chose to concentrate on sustainability and on an ethically responsible production chain. They are proud to announce that Guylian is now the pioneer within the Belgian chocolate industry, thanks to the use of 100% Fairtrade cocoa in all their chocolates.

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Lake Hayes Chocolate is handmade in Queenstown with dark, organic and ethically sourced cocoa. They combine the finest ingredients to create a gorgeous range of chocolate.

Lake Hayes Chocolate take great joy in bringing together gift-giving and the deliciousness of chocolate while stepping lightly on planet earth. Every bar or square of chocolate leaves their kitchen substantially, intending to give someone somewhere a moment of pure indulgence.

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Started by the Donovans family in the Waikato 30 years ago, Donovans continues to make all their chocolate by hand in the heart of this dairy region.

Donovans combines European technology with Kiwi ingenuity to produce delicious products. These include much-loved After Dinner Mint Squares and Turkish Delight Bites, a perfect gift to brighten someone’s day, and classic Kiwi flavours like hokey pokey and fruity feijoa. Donovans also makes a range of premium baking chocolate – great Kiwi chocolate for great Kiwi baking.

Treat yourself this World Chocolate Day with Donovans’ delicious range of chocolate products, available from selected supermarkets and speciality stores nationwide.

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Queen Anne is celebrating World Chocolate Day in a kiwi style with the iconic Chocolate Fish.
Their Queen Anne Chocolate Fish 50g comes in a ‘school’ of flavours for all tastes. And then there are Chocolate Fish Bites – just like chocolate fish, but smaller!

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The Remarkable Chocolate Co is celebrating more than just the endorphin-enhancing qualities of their organic chocolate this World Chocolate Day. They are also celebrating using home compostable and resealable packaging that is genuinely sustainable and beautiful.

Their Organic bar range exemplifies working hard to find solutions for chocolate packaging that answers the critical issues around food-grade barrier materials, shelf stable materials and the reduction of single use plastic consumption within New Zealand. Allowing you to enjoy artisan, locally made, organic chocolate sustainably and responsibly this World Chocolate Day, so go celebrate!

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Rich, indulgent and addictively irresistible… A little naughty, but oh so nice!

Secret Kiwi Kitchen’s award-winning Triple Chocolate Brownie Mix is like no other. Rich and gooey with a crispy top and edges. They’re super easy to make; add eggs and butter or oil. They’re everything a home-baked treat should be and perfect for this World Chocolate Day.

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What’s World Chocolate Day without the good ol’ Kitkat? The new Kitkat Dark 70% is made with premium cocoa expertly sourced from regions across Ghana, Ecuador sand Côte d’Ivoire to create the perfectly balanced smooth & bittersweet dark chocolate!

Also, don’t miss out on the Kitkat Chunky with Lotus Biscoff! Combining the best of both worlds, this delicious collab has a crisp wafer finger, topped with crunchy Lotus Biscoff filling, all covered in smooth milk chocolate.

Available in supermarkets nationwide.