Would You Like A Giant Face Mask Tote Bag with That?

People are definitely getting more and more creative over the pandemic period. To keep up with the COVID-19 fashion needs, you can now get this N95 surgical face mask inspired tote bag via Amazon.

Image sourced: Amazon

“STOP COVID-19”, the tote bag says – making sure everyone is well aware to not only mask-up but to quarantine (if they need to) and practice social distancing. With its oversized design, it is made to stand out from the crowd.

Image sourced: Amazon

A fabric company in Indonesia called Arlie Percetakan Kain also created this masterpiece of the blue surgical mask that we are more familiar with.

The idea is to sew together a face mask bag yourself with a choice of fabric from their store – including instructions of course. It’s definitely is a funny project to get on board with during lockdown but are you brave enough to take it to the streets?