2019 Cheese Rolling Championships

2019 has seen the annual Cheese Rolling Race in Gloucestershire, and the event was as hilarious and death-defying as ever.

A selection of competitors looking to take home the title gathered at Coopers Hill in Brockworth and were cheered on by thousands of spectators as they rolled cheese down the intimidating mountain. The contestants chase their delicious cheese wheel down a 200-yard decline with a 1:2 gradient, providing plenty of slips and spills.

The Men’s Downhill Race was won by 22-year-old Max McDougall and when asked about his experience he was reasonably positive. “It was better than last year when I knocked myself out,” he quipped.

The Women’s Downhill Race was taken out by Flo Early, aged 28, having won four years in a row. “I’m done now, this is it, I’m retired. I’m in pain,” said Early.

Cheese-makers Diana and Rod Smart produced the delicious wheels for the race, as they have done for over 25 years. Each wheel weighed between 3 and 1.5 kgs and looked incredibly tasty, if slightly dirty after their trip down the hill.

What a competition!