Less than three weeks after closing, popular student venue Bar 101 has reopened in Hamilton.

“We know it’s one of the worst kept secrets, but after 1,500 people turned up to our epic closing party, we felt we had to keep 101 alive,” the bar wrote on Facebook. “Come find us in our new location in Victoria Street this Friday and Saturday, we’ve still got the best-priced cruisers and exports in town.”

Bar 101 will take up the vacant site previously occupied by Hood, which like Bar 101 belonged to the Lawrenson Group. The group had been trying to find a restaurant tenant for the site with little success.

“With the new theatre coming, we were always going to have to move out of that site – but we weren’t sure about reopening somewhere else,” said owner John Lawrenson. “However, with the huge turnout for the closing party and the outpouring from fans of the bar, it seemed like we had to bring it back.”