Did you know that one third of kiwi kids live in poverty and thousands of others go to school without lunch every day?! That’s insane. Local Kettle Korn company is proud to be helping out and are celebrating with the launch of their new official Eat My Lunch supporter’s bag.

Every bag purchased by you, is another bag given to a kiwi kid in need! We think that’s pretty cool! Eat My Lunch has given over 180,000 lunches to 34 schools in New Zealand in a little over one year.

By donating $20,000 to Eat My Lunch, Kettle Korn has become an official partner. This provides 4,000 extra lunches and has allowed Eat My Lunch to take another school, Royal Road Primary, off the waiting list. Additionally NZ Kettle Korn is providing thousands of extra bags every month so all children in the lunch programme can get their little paws on it.

“The kids love having popcorn in their lunches – it’s one of their favourite snacks! Some have never had Kettle Korn before so it’s been a real treat,” Michael Meredith and Lisa King, co-founders of Eat My Lunch, agreed.

Michael Howe, director of NZ Kettle Korn, said it hit close to home for him as he distinctly remembers relying on community and school food programmes when he was growing up. He vowed that as soon as his company was in a position to give back, he  would.

“We wanted to do something that made a real, tangible difference to a child’s lunch and life and I think we’ve achieved this with our supporters’ bag and hopeful long-term partnership,” Howe added. King and Meredith said it was amazing to have the support of a kiwi company with the same values and we couldn’t agree more!

So run out and buy popcorn! It’s for a good cause!