4 Must-Try Korean BBQ Buffet In Auckland

As a meat-lover, Korean BBQ holds considerable space in my heart. Out of all the Korean cuisine and restaurants around Auckland, a K BBQ buffet is the best of all worlds. I love how you get to cook your own food, and while you wait, there are various hot foods, side dishes and desserts for you to munch on.

If you also love  sizzling, juicy meat combined with the succulent Asian flavours, here are 4 must-try Korean BBQ buffets.

Fantasy Korean BBQ

Located in Eden Terrace, Fantasy Korean BBQ has a modern and fun interior with high-end grills and equipment. There is a wide range of meat cuts with delicious hot foods, Korean side dishes and a full range of Korean soju.

The Buffet

The Buffet in Albany has a large and convenient parking area out front. The interior is a little cramped, but it doesn’t stop them from offering a great selection of foods. They have a vast selection of Korean and European dishes and desserts, guarantee a full stomach when you walk out the door.

Daebak BBQ

An oldie but a goodie, Daebak BBQ is in a secret spot in an alley off Federal street in the CBD. The food selection is less compared to others, but the quality is sure not to disappoint. The only downside is the lack of extractor fans, so I suggest sitting close to the door to avoid all that smoke.

Dak Hanmari Korean BBQ

In my opinion, Dak Hanmari Korean BBQ is probably the best Korean BBQ on the North Shore. It is also the first Korean BBQ I tried and fell in love with. Their selections are simple, with many side dishes that pair with the meat so you can switch up the taste and cleanse your palette. Their pork belly is a must-get, so get your plates ready and dig in!