This week fifty years ago, in 1967, TIME magazine published an iconic issue investigating the origins and meaning behind the revolutionary new garment taking over fashion. Moving swiftly from the fringes of society to mainstream fashion, the mini skirt was a symbol of change. Responsible for its dizzying rise to the height of mainstream fashion were several designers (namely Mary Quant) who did away with the long, heavy-skirted aesthetic of Dior’s New Look which was popularised during the 1950’s. Mini skirts symbolised youthful independence and an irreverent attitude. However, the mini skirt was emblematic of a change in the fashion cycle which pervaded the industry and is still going strong today. For the first time in fashion history, the trends did not trickle down from the wealthy elite and couture designers to the streets, instead, this process was reversed. Miniskirts came from street style and discotheques and were taken up by the mainstream then the elite as they followed the trends set by unlikely style icons. This path for trends is predominant today – with more and more designers looking to street style for inspiration and new trends