8 Top Looks from NZFW

2018’s New Zealand Fashion Week was a fantastic event full of creativity, inspiration, and unique looks. In case you missed it, here are 8 of the top looks.


8 Top Looks from NZFW - Kathryn Wilson

Featuring a bold cat-eye and bright red lips, it was marching band meets Chicago with M.A.C. and Wilson’s glamourous beauty look. The feminine makeup was achieved by making the face body glow with Strobe Cream and Extra Dimension Skinfinish in beaming blush and telling glow. Eyes lined with gold and white glitter shone immaculately and lips painted in Feels So Grand stunned in a chic and dominant look.


8 Top Looks from NZFW - Lela JacobsDrawn from the idea of dazzling, far away galaxies, a beautiful look of simply glowing, ethereal skin was created. Vibrant eyes added a burst of colour to the abstract style using M.A.C. Primary Yellow Chromographic Pencil. Perfect skin was achieved using Studio Finish concealer where needed, and life was given to the face with HyperReal FX in gold and Back in Vogue Retro blended into the cheeks.


8 Top Looks from NZFW - huffer

Youthful, effortless and fresh, models for Huffer looked flawless and natural with a classic centre part tucked behind the ears. Redken’s Beard and Skin oil made the hair look soft and flexible as it was blow-dried and brushed for polished and gentle movement. Inspired by Brooklyn street graffiti, a splash of neon colour across the lips with M.A.C. Magenta Madness pigment – adding something extra to the natural makeup look.


8 Top Looks from NZFW - Trelise Cooper

Hair and makeup on Trelise Cooper’s runway looked perfectly dramatic as the beachy pony-tail was exaggerated with pearlized colour stencils using L’Oréal Paris Colorist 1-Day Colour spray. The sparkling look was complimented by M.A.C.’s chic and futuristic look with a soft lip colour and holographic-type eyes. Skin was made just as radiant with a subtle Pinch O Peach powder blush. This overall style was undoubtedly memorable.


8 Top Looks from NZFW - Zambesi

Inspired by Zambesi’s colour tones and different aesthetics across the 90s, 60s, and 50s; M.A.C. and Redken created a gorgeously sculpted look. Redd lip pencil was used to create electric tomato stained lips, and airbrush makeup made a beautifully soft caramel eye. A range of Redken hair products added texture to a messy chignon that added a unique touch to the creative look.


8 Top Looks from NZFW- Augustine

Soft beach waves and a fresh braid down one side emanated fun and sexy vibes – demonstrating the power hair has to portray emotion in Augustine’s runway this week. Matrix achieved the stylish look using Airy Builder and Indian Oil while pulling the hair into a tight inverted French braid before tying it off into a pony-tail. Hair looked amazing, lifted and full on the catwalk for a sunny style.


8 Top Looks from NZFW - Superette

Pink and pearly, the dimensions of the models were beautifully showcased in a naturally flawless style. M.A.C. Extra Dimension in Oh Darling and Hushed Tone gave the skin a fresh and polished glow. Adding a little extra to the look, a stunningly bold and vibrant pink lip in Candy Yum-Yum tied in perfectly, completing the style.


8 Top Looks from NZFW - PIA

Young, fresh and confident, statement braids inspired on the PIA’s runway. The extra shaping of shell-like twists in the look presented a very on-trend style, perfect for daytime or nighttime. Matrix started the look with a centre part and kept the tension tight in the braids, pulling out pieces of each section to form a shell effect. This look was polished, flawless and certainly captivated the audience’s attention.