A New Limited Meal Kit Released For Kiwis!

Get it while it’s hot! New Zealand’s iconic foodie inspiration, Food in a Minute, launches limited-edition meal kits for Kiwis to recreate the classics at home.

From Knock-Out Gnocchi to Flash As Pad Thai, with Easy as Eats it’s never been easier for New Zealand’s home cooks to whip up easy, delicious and affordable weeknight meals.

At $99 a box for four easy-peasy meals for four people, Easy as Eats trumps on value and taste, making it the perfect solution for time-poor Kiwis to put delicious dinners on the table.

With 25 years of creating iconic Kiwi recipes, Food in a Minute – which began in 1996 as a snappy, 60-second TV cooking spot where hosts Allyson Gofton and Lana Garland, whipped up easy and inspired recipes for the nation – has remained a key source of mealtime inspiration for New Zealanders for over two decades.

In 2020 alone, Food in a Minute’s website – which combines the very best of the franchise’s cookbook classics and ever-evolving modern meals – saw more than 3.2 million people access recipes on the site, at least once. The popular online hub is bursting with tasty recipes that are developed regularly using current food trends and flavours, with New Zealand’s recent lockdowns seeing a 35 percent jump in website traffic when Level 4 was announced in August 2021.

Neil Heffer Managing Director, Kraft-Heinz NZ, said the evolution of Easy as Eats is a testament to the popularity of Food in a Minute, which holds a special place in Kiwis’ hearts and homes.

“Easy as Eats combines the very best of Food in a Minute. It’s the tried-and-true recipes Kiwis know and love with the convenience of having everything needed to create them at home, delivered right to the doorstep,” Heffer said.