New Homewares You Need Right Now!

To help reduce single-use plastic per year, frank green is advancing in the war on waste with its beautifully designed homewares collection.

frank green’s brand evolution into the homewares category provides customers intuitively designed solutions so they can easily go single-use plastic free with reusable alternatives for any time of the day.

Each product is more than meets the eye – in this range a bowl is not just a bowl. The Porcelain Bowl is multi- purpose, enabling customers to cook, serve and store their food all in one. The lid features a silicone ‘smart venting system’ which is a pressure release button that simultaneously creates an airtight seal when pressed down, and acts as a safety measure for easy release when pulled up.

The new Premium Stainless Steel Utensil Set comes in polished silver and brushed gold finishes. It’s not just any old cutlery set – it’s ergonomically weighted for a high-end experience and comes with a premium silicone pouch for mess-free storage on the go. After use, the cutlery can be tipped into a dishwasher utensil basket and the pouch itself can be cleaned on the top rack in the open position, just like a cup.