A Phone Case Made From Fishnets & Other Ways You Can Make A Difference…

As Kiwis, we love our oceans. So, we need to do our bit to ensure they remain as beautiful as they are forever. There are more than 1.8 trillion pieces of plastic waste floating the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. It’s up to us to do our bit, to make smart decisions, to purchase products with a bigger meaningful purpose when it comes to the impact on our planet and our oceans.

So what are you willing to do?

Swap Out Your Phone Case

LifeProof has created a new phone case line called WAKE; made from 85 percent recycled ocean-based plastics – helping us do our bit to clean-up our oceans. The next time you need a phone case for your new phone, LifeProof makes it easy for you to make a purposeful purchase. A simple phone case that helps our ocean – what’s not to love?

The new WAKE cases are made from commercial fishing equipment like ropes and nets – these are often cut loose and discarded in the ocean. This is then made into a polypropylene which is both strong and durable, just what you need in a phone case. Did we mention that it’s the slimmest LifeProof case too?

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Look Good, Do Good: Choose Sustainable Activewear

Team Timbuktu believes that there should never be compromise between style and sustainability.

“We believe single-use plastics don’t belong in oceans or landfill and that all businesses have a responsibility to reduce their impact.”

Team Timbuktu’s activewear range is made from recycled plastic bottles – this does not only stop plastic waste from filling up our landfills, but it also uses less energy and water to be made compared with other synthetic fabrics.

So, plastic bottles (which would have otherwise been in landfill) is then made into a soft, silky and breathable fabric that is then transformed to stylish activewear pieces. How good?

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Battle Global Poverty One Bottle at a Time

One billion people live in extreme poverty, yet billions of dollars are given to the world’s largest multinational companies for everyday products. Thankyou is a social enterprise that everyday products like body wash and hand wash and commits 100 percent (you read that right) of their profits to help those in extreme poverty.

Kiwis have the courage to act on big ideas, but all you need to do is make the conscious choice next time you need a body wash top-up. They come in an array of different variants that target various skin goals you may have.

Vegan-friendly, palm oil-free and not tested on animals.

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Good-bye Single-Use Coffee Cups

Look how gorgeous these reusable pottery cups are? Single-use is soooo old. Itis Pottery For The Planet’s aim to remove single-use disposable products for our cafe culture by creating a beautiful product that will be loved and used again and again and again.

Every Planet Cup prevents the wastage of hundreds throwaway cups annually.

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For the Gals: Period & Leak-proof Underwear

Introducing leakproof underwear so you never need to use a pad again. With their four game-changing linings; one for modern periods, heavy discharge and bladder leaks, one for getting hot and gloriously sweaty and one for dips in the pool, and one for feeding hungry bubs and leaky boobs.

Modibodi stands for limitless positive impact. They are passionate about making feminine hygiene accessible to everyone. Make a contribution with their Give A Pair virtual pairs. For every $25 e-gift purchased, Modibodi donates two pairs directly to those who need them most. Currently, they have donated over 700 pairs monthly.

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