A small step to a sustainable life

When The Glass Effect founder Candace Pritchard became a mother, she saw the world with a different perspective.

“I became more conscious of the negative impacts that our actions were having on the environment,” she said. “I realised that the more we harm the earth now, the more I was harming what my children will have to live in. I needed to contribute to a better world and a more sustainable environment for my children and their future.”

The Glass Effect creates change through beautiful products, making it easy for people to take small steps towards a more sustainable life. The Glass Effect starts with one small change – switching from single-use plastic to a reusable glass water bottle – to make it easy for people to choose an eco-friendly option with beautifully designed products, that look just as good in their home as they are for the environment.

The Glass Effect also donates 20 percent of its profits to fund tree planting. “We feel so passionate about building the best future environment that our children will be living in – planting trees help to combat global warming so we want to plant as many as we can!”

Pritchard had been planning the brand for some time but launched at the start of this month. The 700ml bottles are made from 100 percent borosilicate glass making them strong yet lightweight. The bottle is dressed with a silicone sleeve for durability and topped off with a stylish bamboo lid. The Glass Effect will be launching more styles and colours further into the year.

“I hope to move people away from the mindset that ‘one person can’t make a difference’ and move towards believing that if we all join together and start with one small change each then we create a positive impact.”