ACNH: 10 Villagers We Wish We Had On Our Island

Why is this game so successful and so likeable by all ages? Is it the graphics? The gameplay? The music? Zippy the Easter Bunny? We’d say all of the above but maybe not so much to the last one. The villagers in particular add that special touch for the game, and is what creates such a wholesome feeling during gameplay. There are over one hundred different villagers made up of 8 different personalities and 35 different animal species! Unfortunately, you can only have a maximum of 10 villagers at one time, so we’ve gathered our absolute 10 favs to share! Are you lucky enough to have any of these characters on your island?

1. Beau

Beau a lazy villager, he’s friendly and easy to get along with. Like all villagers with a lazy personality, he has a love of food and relaxing. Doesn’t he just sound so realistic?

2. Ankha

We love this cat with an attitude! Being divided into the snooty trait, Ankha will appear rude and arrogant at first but she will warm up to the player later on. She loves gossip and make-up and let’s face it, we all have a little Ankha in ourselves!

3. Freya

Freya is one sassy looking wolf and that’s why we love her! The same snooty personality which will lead to her not getting along well with lazy villagers. Her skills are peeling apples and her ambition is to become a judge someday.

4. Merengue

Merengue is a normal type villager. This cute strawberry rhino usually wakes up around 6 a.m. and her favorite song is Stroll by K.K Slider. A rumor says that if you gift her a strawberry hat, she will wear it! Cuteness overload!

5. Stitches

It’s easy to figure out where Stitches got his name from, the crossed eyes and different coloured body parts makes him just that special on our list. Being another lazy type villager, he’s skill is forgetting stuff while with a goal to become a lawyer. We wonder how that is going to work out for him.

6. Lucky

Lucky is a dog that is almost fully wrapped in bandages. He gets along with other lazy villagers while not so much with jock villagers as their personality conflicts. How cool would it be if both Lucky and Ankha are on the same island though?

7. Lobo

Lobo is one cranky wolf. His special talent is fishing and apparently he is a third of a quadruplet. Rumour has it, on Halloween, Lobo is scared by werewolves!

8. Diana

“No doy” is what you will hear from her, Diana the snooty deer. She is a white deer with a lilac fringe, we are in love with her appearance no matter how rude she would be to players at first. Diana’s go to coffee is Kilimanjaro, a regular amount of milk and two spoons of sugar.

9. Bob

Bob is a lavender cat with dark purple spots. He’s funny and chilled looking who seems to be winning over the Animal Crossing players and we can’t agree more! His talent is to play the yo-yo and aims to become a detective!

10. Julian

Unicorn inspired characters are always a hit in games so of course, we need to include Julian the smug unicorn in our list. He’s polite, kind and gentleman-like. How perfect can he be!

BONUS: Rodney

A true Animal Crossing fan you must be since you’ve got to the bottom of the list, we thought we should end this list with a surprise villager that is less liked amongst all other players: Rodney. Do we need to say more?

Happy gaming!