ACNH: A Beginner’s Guide To Rock Farming

We are here to share with you on getting the best out of rocks in Animal Crossing. Farming rocks in the game is as crucial as any other resources, it gives stones, clay, iron nuggets, gold nuggets, insects and bells. The maximum of items a player can get from each rock is eight and if you haven’t been hitting the rocks to the fullest, keep reading!

An easy trick can be used to guarantee every time a rock is hit, eight goodies will go into your pocket. First and for most, find yourself a rock, excluding the rocks on Nook Mile Islands, there should be five rocks on a players island. Once you’ve set your eyes on a rock make sure there is nothing growing around the 8 spaces of the rock. Pick a side and dig at least three holes, you can hit a rock with either a shovel or an axe but we recommend using a shovel because it’s just a hassle changing tools.

Now facing the rock, stand straight on between the holes and the rock, and start frantically hitting that “A” button.

Continue to use this method, eight items will be guaranteed every time.

There might be times where stones are respawned somewhere a bit inconvenient for digging a hole, now check the surroundings, maybe it’s not necessary. The idea behind hole digging is so when your avatar is hitting the rock, you do not bounce too far back preventing you from hitting eight consecutive times. If the rock is close to an edge or a water source, no hole digging is required, simply stand between them and start hitting. The edge or the water source has now become the wall stopping you from bouncing back.


We suggest if you are on a Nook Mile Island, eat a fruit after you’ve got the eight items then break the rock to get nine resources in total.

As always, Happy Gaming!